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  • Posted on April 2, 2018 at 7:19 pm

All you need to Know about Wedding Sand Ceremonies.

We come together in a wedding to witness two people becoming one through the exchange of vows to one another. In a wedding there will be different traditional practices that play the symbolism of a couple becoming one before the witnesses and before the higher deity. For the longest time now , unity candles have been used in the symbolism of bride and groom becoming one. Fro this tradition , the family of the bride and that of the groom will be present as they are required to light a candle each. The bride and the groom will each take a candle from their families which is a representation of both sides of a larger family to be. The groom and the bride will take their individual unity candles and light a larger candle which will signify the merging of those families into one.

Wedding sand ceremonies on the other hand uses of some glassware or vials. The glassware are filled up with sand. The person officiating the ceremony will explain to the couple and all those present through the symbolism and meaning of a unity ceremony. The sand in each of the vials might be of a different color to symbolize the different sides of the bride and the groom.

What follows is the couple coming together to pour their sand into one vial larger and beautiful. The sand pouring has to be done together by the couple as the sand has to mix as it goes into the larger vial collecting the sand. The flowing together of the sand represents the intertwining union of the new couple. Sand has different qualities that make it fit to be used in making symbolism. Grains of sand have no measure and they tend to be timeless just as the couples love . The sand will become hard to distinguish ones it has been poured into the bigger vial which is to mean that the couple is going to last forever and endure all. It is said that the couple has blended together the moment they mix sand and given aspects of themselves to their partners.

Just as grains of sand mix completely the couple should mix ideas, personalities and everything else. The larger vial which will be kept can be engraved with the couples names or the date of the wedding , it depends on what the couple wants. Blended unity ceremonies need to be flawless so it’s better to have the engravings done earlier before the ceremony. Look online for individuals dealing with all you need for your wedding sand ceremony, you will find colored sand, vials and people to engrave initials on the vials. Some couples opt to collect sand themselves from the beach and its actually good as the couple adds more meaning to the process.

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